This session was definitely unique since I am a very skittish about rundown buildings and the dangers behind them if someone isn't careful. There were a lot of images that we wanted to capture but were unable to as it would put Colin in danger. My assistant, Kyle, and I went through these areas first to make sure they were 100% safe for Colin. 

It was extremely nice outside for it being in the middle of summer in Maryland, which is typically very humid and hot in the Dundalk. I had been wanting to photograph someone in this area for a long time but I needed someone to fit the look for what I wanted to capture. Here comes Colin. An 18-year-old that is in love with Punk Rock, Rock, Metal and pretty much anything with an aggressive guitar and long hair. I can't judge, some of that music is pretty awesome.

When we finally found some spots that were safe and gorgeous to photograph Colin naturally posed himself while Kyle and I were prepared our gear and let me tell you. This guy can pose. We only had to make a few slight adjustments to the position for correct lighting or just moving a hand slightly to make the pose look more pleasing. Honestly, this was one of the easiest sessions I have done.

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Michael Freeman

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