Renewal of Vows at Our Lady of Hope Church | Deborah and Kenneth

This day is the most important day for Deborah and Kenneth Freeman, other than their wedding. On this day they were getting their wedding vows renewed. Both of them have been wanting to have this done for a while as they have been married a very long time and felt like they wanted to renew that spirit.

The weather on this day wasn't the best. In fact, it was terrible. Very rainy, dark and humid but that didn't stop them from the ceremony. It didn't even stop them from going out into the rain for our photo shoot after the ceremony had concluded; which I loved because I wanted to show off the love they still had for each other even though they were married years and years ago.

The very intimate ceremony was held at the Our Lady of Hope Church in Dundalk, Maryland. They thought the location was perfect since it was close to their home and had a meaning to them. Both my sister and I attended this school before we went to high school so they knew the staff at the Church. The actual ceremony itself was very nice and I thought it fit their personalities perfectly. Deacon Herman was the officiant for the renewal of vows ceremony and did it with happiness as he has known my parents for quite a long time.

After the ceremony we traveled to Merritt Park in Dundalk, Maryland which is where we found a nice little outing near a pier for the portraits. I wanted to portraits to showcase how long they have been together and match it with the era that they met each other in. I also wanted to capture the true relationship between them without being very Pinteresty. The props they brought were perfect. A HUGE umbrella that all four of us fit under to be able to get a good portrait without having them soaked. We had a lot of fun and were able to joke around with them to get them to show the true relationship between them. After the photo shoot they went to a very nice restaurant called "By the Docks" which has the best seafood in Maryland they tell me. I don't eat seafood so I'll believe them.

Throughout the entire day I could tell how happy both of them were for each other. I haven't seen a couple that has been married for as long as they have smile like they did in a very long time. It was like they were getting married again.

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