Engagement Portraits at Gunpower State Park | Krysten and Koda

The second I met Krysten and Koda I knew that they were a perfect match for each other. They way they looked at each other, the way they smile and laugh when they are together show how strong their bond is. How unbreakable the love they have for each other is.

The session itself was fantastic, except the part where I decided to go knee deep into the freezing water. Smart move right? All jokes aside, the Engagement Portrait session I had with Krysten & Koda was extremely enjoyable. They deserve an applause for climbing a few slippery, damp and steep hills so that we were able to get the photographs that I imagined would look gorgeous and truly show how beautiful they are. 

We started photographing them in this quaint little tunnel just before the Gunpowder State Park. This little tunnel was a great starting point as you could see the trail of white rocks leading into a wall of tall trees that had just started to change colors. After we finished inside the tunnel we started to walk the trail where we were met with this awesome branch that was just above water level. Krysten & Koda were brave enough to stand on top of this branch for me and we were able to capture a beautiful moment between them.

After walking this trail a little bit more we discovered this rock that towered over the walkway. They were both willing to climb the hill to be able to stand on top of this massive rock and that is where we were able to capture a few moments with their friends that they brought alone. Luckily for me, Shelby, was able to direct them for me as I was sitting the edge of another rock and couldn't really help them.

At the end of our Engagement Portrait session, I wanted to capture them on a rock in the middle of the river that goes through the park with all of the gorgeous landscape behind them. We had them stand on top of a few rocks and Kyle and I took a "swim" into the water to be able to capture them. The water was ice cold but they looked beautiful.

Once the light had disappeared we had to make a twenty-minute hike back to our vehicles. That alone was an adventure. It was next to pitch black, even with lights we couldn't see far. Koda, Shelby, Kyle and I were able to make it back first. As a joke, Koda and I tried to hide to jump out at Krysten when she walked by. She was on a facebook live session when we scared her. Gunpowder State Park has way to many hiding spots.

Overall, the session was amazing and they love their portraits. I wish them nothing but happiness in the future!

Krysten was nice enough to post something about their Engagement Portrait session - 

"Big shout out to Mike & Mike Freeman Studios for doing some engagement photos for me! We had a blast and an adventure! They turned out great, the photo book is awesome I'm glad you suggested it. The photo book is a great size, can't wait to pass it around for everyone to take a look just in time for the holidays too. I can't wait to hang my prints they are perfect size!"

"It's more than the photos the awesome hand crafted presentation box with 3D printed features was outstanding. Over all a great experience. I'm very pleased with all the results. So a big round of applause to Mike for going the extra mile!!!!"

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Venue: Gunpowder Falls State Park

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman Studios, 7709 Fairgreen Road, Dundalk, MD, 21222