Fun Packed Couple Session at Gunpowder Falls, MD

The Adventure

Ebony and Joel, the funniest couple I know, were so gracious to allow me to photograph them for their portraits at Gunpowder Falls Park in Baltimore, Maryland. The portrait session went extremely well and I love the images that we captured. The weather was amazing and my assistant, Kyle, was nice enough to do some Behind the scenes images for us during the shoot. I’ll write another post about this shortly. For now, enjoy the story!

February 18th, 2017, this was the day that we scheduled the session and the weather was beautiful, which is rare for Maryland to have. Ebony and Joel were excited for the session that we planned. Both Joel and Ebony are amazing artists and musicians, even though they may like to argue that sometimes. May I also say that both of them are especially stylish. With that out of the way, we can talk about how amazing the session was.

We started by walking down the path that Gunpowder Falls offers. It is quite a hike but definitely worth it in my opinion if you ever have to time to visit. The first stop we had to make on the path was this large boulder that floated above the path. We climbed up the slight hill with little to no difficulty and walked onto the boulder. Now, I had the fun task of climbing on another rock a distance away and balancing myself with my camera equipment. It was tough but the images were very much worth it.

Next, we started walking again and after twenty times of me saying “this is the area” we finally reached the correct spot. This spot is one of my favorites in the entire park. It’s in an area of the river that is shallow enough that you can traverse your way onto the middle without much difficulty. Joel and Ebony were an amazing couple and agreed to follow me to this location. The portraits we captured there are some of my favorite of the entire session. Kyle was kind enough to supply plenty of images during this, including one of me slipping and almost breaking myself. After spending a little time at this location we decided to capture a couple images of each of them individually. I like to do a combination of dramatic and meaningful for my individual portraits. I love when they tell a story and I think that is exactly what happened for their portraits. I haven’t met a couple in Baltimore quite like them. It’s awesome.

Anyways, it started to get a bit dark to we quickly hurried from that spot to make the most of the remaining light that we had left. We traveled further down the trail and found a little hill that leads onto a part of the river with a large opening that I thought would be perfect for an environmental portrait. Joel pointed out this tree that looked as if it was growing sideways and was interested in a portrait next to it. I will admit with my next comment, that I did not think it through. The first thing I said was “Is moss dangerous”… I hope I never get stranded in the wild.

I loved the portraits and raw emotion we got from this couple. They were very happy to follow our unique posing strategies to evoke emotions and because of their cooperation, we were able to capture some beautiful moments between them. I even pulled the “I’m changing a setting” trick with them to be able to capture a beautiful moment. We started to head back and I still had a few ideas for portraits that would look really nice with them. We did a few joke ones that I won’t be posting as it’s for them only unless they want to share it.

We were done the session, or so I thought. In Baltimore, MD right now it gets darks at around 5 PM so once it hit 4:30 we started to finish up and hike back. We got back to the entrance just in time. By the time we got back, there was 0 visibility outside of the lights. I remembered that I had my lighting equipment on me and we did a few individual portraits of them. They may have thought the idea was weird in their heads (Maybe?) but they turned out quite nice. We also decided to finish up with a few more couple images that were back-lit with my flash. 

The couple portrait session was amazing and I loved working with them. It was such a pleasure to be able to photograph them. Thank you, Joel and Ebony!

*All photographs were taken at Gunpowder Falls State Park which is located in Kingsville, MD to be exact.


Michael not only takes amazing pictures with great quality, but he also gives you a fun and awesome experience that you will remember for a lifetime!
— Ebony Lorden
Michael offers amazing photos and a memorable experience to top it all off. If you want photos done for any special occasion or just simply for fun, he should be at the top of your list!
— Joel Lingg

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