Outdoorsy "Lumberjack" Portraits | Baltimore MD | Colin

April 4th, 2017

I’m finally no longer sick so I can get back to my typically blogging schedule, which is awesome. I really didn’t like being sick for two weeks straight. Anyway, here is the proper blog for Colin’s Portrait session. I will upload the BTS this week.

The sun started setting later in the day so Colin and I had to guess on a time we thought would have a good quality light. Well, we choose way too early and I ended up shooting in direct light, which isn’t a bad thing it just means that one portion of the image will always be overexposed without external lighting. I happen to love the bright and airy look that these images have because of the bright light.

The day started off amazing, the weather was perfect and there was next to no wind. We started at the large boulder in Gunpowder Falls State Park to begin the portrait session. This boulder is my favorite area, to begin with. It’s at the perfect level for the river to been seen below as well as the trees across the river to fill the frame with the person being photographed. Also, I find it to be the perfect ice-breaker for some people because it’s such a strange place to start. Colin has been photographed by me before so he was up for walking up the hill that leads to this boulder. It is a bit steep but nothing we couldn’t handle. Expect one of my cameras did smack against a rock pretty hard. So that was horrifying. Anyways, after a few ice-breaking poses we started to use my reflector to even out the harsh light. That didn’t go well and I have a ton of images with Colin squinting now.

After photographing Colin on the boulder we started to head further down the trail which leads us to this quaint area that was just off the trail. There was a wooden dam which, Shelby, (My assistant and girlfriend) got stuck on while trying to show Colin a potential pose. There was also this tree with moss covering one side of it, it was separated from the rest of the trees which I found it to be the perfect place for a portrait with him to showcase his “mountain man” look. I mean you have to show off his awesome beard.

After wandering for a few minutes we found another area where a tree had been blown over and left for a few months. There was also a small trail that let into the gunpowder river which we had Colin pose on for a few of his portraits. I really wanted to bring the adventurous side of his personality out for the portraits in the area due to the absolutely beautiful landscape that he had behind him. The trees were just starting to grow back so they had a perfect combination of brown and green to compliment his clothing choice. We also went off this trail for a bit and did a few of the more artsy photographs. I mainly used a prism to add the reflection effect that you see. I love the effect I get from the prism. Colin loved watching me struggle to hold a heavy camera with one hand while I line the prism up for the portrait. To be fair, I am a very clumsy and frail person so I don’t blame him laughing at me. In that area, we also found a tree that had a small opening near the branches that were the perfect size for a sun flare. I really wanted to have him appear to be one of those hipster “lumberjack” guys in this portrait. I honestly loved the image that came out of it.

The sun started to set and the light was beaming through the branches of the trees with its gorgeous golden tones and I knew that I had to capture one photograph that really showed off the light. We saw this tree was that skewed and this extremely odd angle and it was so skewed that Colin could lay on it. Due to its extreme curve, we had Colin lean against this tree and posed him to have this outdoorsy vibe to him. The final image is my second favorite image from this entire session, the way the light bends across the frame and ends right before him is absolutely perfect.

The light started to go away and I still wanted to get a few close-ups of him. We found an area that had a good amount of foliage in the background to make him really stand out from the landscape. We did a few posing techniques and I feel that these images really show who he is as a person. After those portraits, we ended up finishing the session in the entrance tunnel. We did a few images with him posed while being severely back-lit. Unfortunately, we had a few kids who thought it would be funny to “pose” in the background during this portion. Luckily, my flash was so severe that it drowned them out of the images altogether. Take that other teenagers.

I also created a double exposure of the session that I love.

Michael Freeman

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